How To Reduce Hair Fall

Tips On How To Reduce Hair Fall

Hair falling is one a dermatological condition commonly found to women and men. Its symptoms include weak, dry and brittle hair. This condition is caused by chemical, poor diets, over exposure to the sunlight, medication and even stress.

It may make a person to have low self-esteem especially if the condition gave a negative attraction.

How To Reduce Hair Fall

However, by reading this article you will be able to know different methods on how to reduce hair fall. Therefore, you should not worry so much about your condition because the problem can be solved by following these tips.

Hydrate your body by drinking at least thirteen glasses of water on daily basis. Some bacteria, which cause diseases and toxic substances in the urinary bladder in your body, are removed by water.

Therefore, the body will use less effort and energy to excrete these wastes. Thus making it to specialize in other things such as growth and scalp maintenance.

Daily massage of your scalp is important to reduce hair loss. Massaging your head at least fifteen minutes two times on daily basis will increase blood circulation in your head.

It is also considered wise if you massage your head when your are applying shampoo. Maintain the level of protein in all meals you take. Having a certain level of protein in your body is essential.

It has been proven that lack of enough protein in the body can cause hair loss since it cause aging and cells to disintegrate. The way out is to ensure, all meals you eat have high level of proteins.


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Some of the best foods to eat are legumes, beans, milk and broccoli. They are highly recommended at least in two serving. Taking supplements containing vitamin B6 is also a good step.

This vitamin is well known to reduce the hair loss. In addition, it maintains nails and the skin. The amount, which a person should take, should not exceed one hundred grams.

However, before taking these vitamins you should read all instruction on the bottle since they might not always be the same. Your meals should not miss food rich in this vitamin. Some of these foods are greens, red pepper, potatoes, nuts and white germ.

The other thing, which a person should to know, is to reduce the level of stress. This can be achieved by regular exercise on daily basis. Exercise has being proven good to reduce the level of stress.

Stress is also known in increasing aging. Those exercises, which are good, include vascular and aerobic exercise, which are supposed to be done regularly.

Consult your doctor frequently. A doctor will be able to explain to you all the possible side effects on your medication. Some of them may cause hair fall.

Your physician will be also in a position to know your problems. Diabetes, thyroid problem and depression are well known in causing hair loss.

The last thing is try to relax and have positive view of life. Healthy mind will definitely lead to healthy body. If you need more information on how to reduce hair fall visit  website provided and you will get solution to your problem.


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